El Tambo Decaf, Colombia

El Tambo Decaf, Colombia


This is a high quality naturally processed decaf coffee. The coffee is decaffeinated using the best available Ethyl Acetate processing method - a natural solvent derived from fermented molasses. The coffee shines as little of the origin characteristics is lost through the gentle and natural decaf process. This coffee is sourced from several small farms in the El Tambo municipality of Cauca.

Flavour: Cantaloupe, Dried Figs, Lime.

Origin: Cauca, Colombia

Farm/Washing Station: Various Smallholder Farms

Processing: Ethly Acetate

Variety: Castillo / Colombia

Altitude: 1750 - 1850m

Available as Omniroast - suitable for all brew methods

Please note, due to the small quantity of this coffee we roast, we may send coffee roasted from previous week’s roast dates.

Quantity: 1kg

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