Kigarama, Rwanda

Kigarama, Rwanda

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Kigarama is a small community located on Mont Huye. The farming area provides very productive growing conditions however Kigarama's placement on the side of the mountain makes it difficult for the farmers to get their cherries to a washing station. This particular lot came from the second half of the harvest, this is primarily because our sourcing partner Community Coffee Rwanda was heavily involved in new training and protocol for cherry picking, which led to better picking practices by the second half of the season and therefore a higher quality lot. Community Coffee Rwanda then transported the cherries from the community to the washing station themselves. A total of 215 farmers contributed cherries to make up this lot - but each provided only a small number of cherries so a more focused quality assessment was possible.

Flavour:  Almond, Citrus, Maple Syrup

Origin: Huye Mountain, Rwanda

Farm/Washing Station: 215 Smallerholder Farms

Processing: Washed

Variety: Red Bourbon / Jackson

Altitude: 1700-1950m

Available as Filter & Espresso

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